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Making a Pet Reservation

Once your flight is booked‚ the next step is to make a reservation for your pet(s) using the link below. Our partners at Pawtrip are specialists with helping you through this process as you plan to your travels with your dog or cat.

Travelling with a Pet
We currently accept domestic dogs and cats on our flights to/from the US‚ Canada and Bermuda that meet the breed and size requirements. There are three ways your pet can fly with BermudAir‚ and we want to be clear so you can understand the options as you select the pet transport:
  • Service Animal - your service animal does not need to be in a crate‚ and will be by your side in cabin on the flight‚ free of charge.
  • Pet in Cabin (PETC) - your pet must be in a soft-sided carrier and fit safely under the seat in cabin on the flight in a soft-sided carrier 18" L x 11" W x 11" H (45cm L x 27cm W x 27cm H)‚ and will be charged at $95/per carrier‚ each way ($190 per round-trip).
  • Pet in Hold (AVIH) - your pet must be in an airline-approved‚ hard-sided crate measuring 35” L x 24” W x 25” H (91cm L x 61cm W x 66cm H)‚ and will be charged $400 per crate‚ each way ($800 per round-trip).
Dogs are permitted for transport as service animals‚ pets in cabin and pets in the hold.  Cats are permitted for transport as a pet in cabin.

Guests with in-cabin pets will not be able to sit in bulkhead seats or rows with emergency exits as they will not be able to accommodate the stowing of your pet.

We will accept a maximum number of 1 service animal‚ 4 carriers in cabin and 1 dog crate in the hold per flight.
For dogs in the hold‚ owners are required to provide a water bowl and separate water.

BermudAir also welcomes trained service dogs. Once again‚ with the required documentation‚ service dogs will be permitted in the cabin‚ in the space in front of you. Trained service dogs are described as being trained to help someone with a disability. These disabilities can be physical‚ sensory‚ psychiatric‚ cognitive or other disabilities that require assistance.
  • Dogs trained to perform tasks
  • Please visit Pawtrip for documentation requirements
An animal that engages in disruptive behaviour (e.g. barking‚ snarling‚ running around the cabin‚ and/or jumping onto other passengers or cabin crew etc. without being provoked) will not be accepted as a service animal.

Consistent with many other airlines we do not permit the carrying of emotional support animals.

To ensure safety and comfort‚ certain breeds are subject to restrictions in Bermuda‚ Canada and the U.S.
For a comprehensive list of both restricted and prohibited breeds‚ please visit our partners at Pawtrip.

To take your pet from Bermuda to Canada‚ it is advised to complete the form on the Canada Food Inspection Agency to ensure your pet meets the travel requirements.