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Introducing Aisle Class
Your comfort is our business at BermudAir. On our Embraer 175s seating just 44 passengers at launch‚ customers will enjoy industry-leading personal space and comfort.  Each customer will have access to both an aisle and a window while enjoying plenty of space for carry-on bags and an easy boarding and deplaning process.  Unprecedented comfort‚ convenient year-round schedules‚ and complimentary food‚ beverages‚ and entertainment‚ combined with our warm in-flight service reflecting Bermuda's renowned hospitality‚ will make BermudAir the best choice travelling to and from our beautiful island home.


Coming November 1 2023

Innovative Interior Design
At BermudAir‚ we’re raising the bar by introducing a one-of-a-kind‚ innovative concept that goes beyond traditional cabin layouts: Aisle Class. If you’ve ever been torn between a window and an aisle seat‚ you’ll be pleased to know that onboard BermudAir you’ll get the best of both worlds. With a 1:1 configuration‚ every seat in Aisle Class provides easy access to the aisle while still enjoying scenic views from the window in a suite-like seating. Whether you're looking to work‚ relax‚ or catch some Zs‚ our spacious and well-appointed suites offer unparalleled freedom‚ ease of movement‚ privacy‚ and comfort.
New Heights
Our aircraft interiors have been designed by Factory Design‚ a renowned aircraft interiors company. We’ve also jettisoned the overhead compartments—something no other airline has done before. Not to worry—you’ll have plenty of room to store one carry-on and one personal item in your seating suite. The result is a unique‚ super-spacious‚ all-business class product for short-haul flights that prioritises your comfort.
A Taste of Bermuda
We believe that food is an essential part of the travel experience. That’s why we’ve created a menu that offers a delicious selection of tasty items developed in partnership with some of Bermuda's finest food specialists. Additionally‚ we offer a variety of refreshing beverages‚ including iconic favourites like Bermuda’s signature cocktail‚ the Dark ‘n Stormy. Cheers!
Never Miss a Beat
Once onboard connect to our BermudAir Wi-Fi network from your own device. We are delighted to offer you complimentary access to a range of TV programmes‚ movies‚ magazines‚ and more‚ as well as the ability to send and receive text-based messages using WhatsApp.